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What we do

We specialize in collecting and leveraging marketing data on all digital devices, setting up various implementations
based on this data: performance indicators, qualification, targeting/retargeting, advertising formats, content marketing...
for businesses and digital marketing companies.

Campaign Setup

We cover a broad range of ad formats on all devices, supporting latest industry standards.


A key part of a successful campaign is to properly define the tracking criteria and the relevant performance indicators.


Once campaign is launched, we monitor closely its behavior through various data points.


Thanks to our in-depth reporting, we provide constant optimization capability on a running campaign, so as to boost overall performance.


We help you deliver the most relevant message to your audience wherever they are: desktop banners, mobile, video, text, social, native...

Desktop Ads

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Mobile Ads

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Feed Ads

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Text Ads

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Native Ads

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Video Ads

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Landing Pages

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Interstitial / Micro Sites

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Well it's all about performance, isn't it? Be it branding, acquisition, retargeting or loyalty...

Tracking & Analysis

It all starts with detailed tracking of all ad impressions and conversions. Then we go through thorough analysis of all dimensions: delivery attributes (device, geography...) as well as user behavior.


Our platform analyzes regularly the performance of the campaign, running optimization algorithms for a better segmentation and targeting of the campaign, trying to get the most valuable conversions for the product.

  • CTR optimization
  • eCPC optimization
  • CVR optimization
  • VTR optimization
  • Pre-targeting
  • Retargeting
  • DCO
  • A/B testing

It's all about Audience

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